Tracking my efforts to beat Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), aka CFIDS, aka CFS

Tracking my efforts to beat Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), aka CFIDS, aka CFS

Sunday, April 12, 2015

New doctor thinks it's Lyme... I'm not so sure

Part 1

                                                                             Part 2


  1. I called ME/CFS for 30 yrs + ....NOW, I have found out that I am dealing w/ out kathleen Dickins work.....I am still...trying to understand the 'whole story' .....but has opening doors her out........

    Kathleen Dickson
    April 10 at 5:17am
    Join if you want to understand the science of "Chronic Lyme." ILADS & the LDA do not give you this data because they are not scientists:
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  2. Thanks a lot for posting this. I've seen a number of doctors for this too and a few over the years have thrown out Lyme. Especially given how you live in CA, I'm so so highly skeptical of that. Lyme is really being over diagnosed without real scientific underpinnings. Also, so many labs aren't even FDA approved for some of these "specialty" Lyme tests. Tons of perfectly healthy people also come back as "indeterminate". I wouldn't really spend much time and energy on this.

    Wish you all the best!!

  3. I've often wondered about Lyme. So this is great that you're detailing your experience with a possible Lyme diagnosis.

    - Greyson James

  4. This made my day!! I love putting a face to the name. If you've made video updates before, I missed them. You look nothing like that photo ~> :)
    As soon as you said "my doctor thinks I have Lyme's Disease" I rolled my eyes. It's a terrible habit, it's just that everything is Lyme or mold. And yet, like you, I always wonder... As usual, I'm impressed by your even-keeled analysis and research. I'm excited to learn how this goes. Keep us posted.

  5. PS: are you on Facebook? Will you be my friend? [ ] yes [ ] no

  6. Good luck with whatever happens.

  7. this illness is so frustrating while you are feeling better it pulls you back unexpectedly.
    so how are you doing lately? have you bounced back feeling better?